I have adjusted the assignment so that you will be writing your story as diary entries.  Please see the file here in Google Docs.  I will also provide paper copies on Wednesday.
Historical Fiction story

Taking what we have learned about pirates while also doing some of your own research, you will write a story about the life of a pirate.

Please do some initial research and planning of how you will write your essay.  I will want your essay to be written with Google Docs.

A rubric for your essay will be provided shortly.  Also the exact length hasn't been decided but pro

Here are some things we discussed as a class that we have learned about.

Pirate Tactics

Flag - the meaning

Survival - items needed



About the ships












Where they are from



In Google Docs, you are supposed to write two paragraphs on whether you would have wanted to be a pirate.  Try to show that you have thought about what this would mean in your life when you write your paragraphs.
Your HW is search about the Roman Emperor Trajan and see what interesting information you can find.  We will share that info next time in class.  Remember not to use Wikipedia.

You should have finished your Venn Diagram on Roman Life and your own life.  Also, you should have completed the reading.  On Friday you will be given 10 minutes to write 2 paragraphs about which time period you would rather live in and why.

Your groups Travel Flyer is due Friday.  Be expected to share a few details with the class but you won't be doing a formal presentation.  Are you happy now Ed?
Using the reading, Journey Through Rome, please finish up your list of activities for a tourist to do when visiting Rome.  After you complete your list, describe the type of person you think would enjoy these activities most.  Include characteristics such as gender, age range, interests etc.  Due Friday.
Complete your Romulus and Remus cartoon.  If you cartoon doesn't have any words, please add some for narration on the back.  Be prepared to share your cartoon with you classmates on Friday.  Also, as a class we will pick the best ones to display on the board.
HW is to brainstorm and begin your Romulus and Remus cartoon.  We will work on it on Wednesday the 23rd and it will be due on Friday the 25th.
Your homework is to label the map handed out today about the growth of the Roman empire.  You are supposed to also write one paragraph hypothesis about how the empire grew so large.  This is due Friday the 18th.