The infographic assignment has been added to the Google Drive View folder under the Holocaust Unit.  Please look carefully over the assignment as it will be due the 23rd of May.
Your HW is to create a question and answer (can by hypothetical or from real life). Remember to think about the exercise we did in class about responsibility for the Holocaust.

Question: What would I do if ******** happened?

Answer: Answer your question and explain your answer.

Your KWL Chart should be completed by Monday.  Remember this is in the shared Google Drive folder we used on Thursday.

Also, please bring 3 pictures from your news project printed in color.
Continue working on your news clip with your group.  If you need to meet outside of school, this weekend is an opportune time.  Remember the due date will be 14th of March.  It has been added to the class calendar. 
Your HW is to brainstorm ideas for your new clip.  I will have a Rubric for you on Monday but right now plan at least a 5 minute video and everyone needs to participate in their own way.  Try to be creative and have fun with the assignment.  Also,
Your HW is to complete a compass on Hyperinflation or the Ruhr (whichever one you were assigned to in class).  You will be expected to meet with a partner from the other group and explain your compass to them next time in class.
HW is to watch the 1st Make Germany Pay video.  Also, try to find another example where extremism has occurred and has hurt society.  Write a paragraph about your findings in your journal (which I will collect next time).
Imagine you are advising Ebert (Germany's first President). Explain what you think are the three most serious challenges that need tackling urgently.
Please finish the video we started watching in class for HW.  Also, if you didn't watch the video on the Treaty of Versailles, please do so.  See you Thursday.
Please watch the following video on the Treaty of Versailles.  After watching the video, write down the main points from the treaty and then rank them from most harsh to least harsh (from the Germans point of view) and be ready to discuss the treaty on Monday.  Just so you know if you find this interesting, we spend a whole unit on the Treaty of Versailles in IG History.