So far no one has shared their Google Presentation of their slides.  Please share it with me today as it will be late otherwise.

Mr. Dan

Due on Thursday the 28th (Thursday).  You should also have some notes for what you will say on the voicethread but does not need to be completely done.  I will give you some time Tuesday and Wednesday to work on it.

Your HW is to find similarities between the rise of Germany (especially how appeasement didn't stop it) and the status of North Korea today.  Be prepared to discuss in a group what you find.
As shown on the "19 Reasons for Appeasement by John Clare," Write an essay, ‘Why did Chamberlain appease Hitler’

1.   Choose 3 of the most powerful reasons from the list – each idea will take a paragraph.  

2.   In each paragraph, put the Point you are making, find some Evidence to support it, then explain how this persuaded Chamberlain he had to appease Hitler.   

3.   Begin with an opening paragraph and finish with a summative paragraph which links all your ideas together and forms an overview/theory about why Chamberlain appeased Hitler.


Your first paragraph set the context of the situation.

Please note that my requirements are a little different than John Clare's.


Do you think that WWII could have been avoided if the allies lived up to their agreement in the Treaty of Versailles.  Explain.
Your visual about the breaking of the Treaty of Versailles is due Thursday the 24th. 
On a A3 paper, you will make a visual representation of the Breaking of the Treaty of Versailles.  This should include reference to major events that occurred between 1935 - 1938.  You may make a comic, timeline (with drawings though), collage, poster or anything else that is visually appealing on a A3 paper.  We will get class time on Tuesday for this too.
Please complete "The Impact of War on Germany" handout with the compass.
Homework is to finish your KWL chart on Hitler in you journals.  If you write it on a separate piece of paper, please then paste it into your journal.