You will be writing 2 paragraphs for your HW. 

Paragraph #1: Why did the northerners want to abolish slavery?

Paragraph #2: Why did the southerners want to keep slavery?

Please don't give me a list of facts but instead put some though into the reasons.

Continue working on your castle design with your group.  Work outside of class is expected in order to be done in a timely manner.
Good discussion today about Feudalism.  In your journals please reflect on our discussion and write 1-2 paragraphs on how you are lucky.  This should relate to the context of when a
Read about Feudalism on page 80 and make a visual representing Feudalism.  This video may help.
Using the Google Form that was shared with you today, please complete 2-3 questions.  Also at a later time, you should try the quiz yourself and see how you did.

Your group's timeline should be complete when you arrive to class on Wednesday.
Read pages 72-73 to help you complete your Bayeux Tapestry timeline for class on Friday.
Read pages 70-71 for HW in order to give us more background for our activities on the Bayeu Tapestry.
Please finish your KWL chart (only K&W) and then complete question #2 on page 65 of the text.  I would like you to write a one paragraph description in your journals.